Tutorial Strava High Resolution Layer + OpenStreetMap (JOSM or ID)

What is the Strava layer?

Strava is an application where cyclists record where they went, these trails are grouped and put together a heat map, the thicker the more they passed through there.

Why use this layer?

The satellite image may be a little old or with clouds, a recent work was inaugurated as a roundabout, duplication, new roads. A trail that goes under trees, etc. In the image below you can see a new road that has been built and that cyclists have already gone through it, but it is not in the image or on the map. So this layer makes it much easier to identify new pathways.

Generating the URL

1-Install the extension in your browser:

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/josm-strava-heatmap/hicmfobjcbinceoeegookkgllpdgkcdc

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-BR/firefox/addon/josm-strava-heatmap

2- Access the website https://www.strava.com/heatmap and login.
3 -after login, click on the extension icon, this will copy the address with the necessary parameters to see the layer in high resolution.

Use in ID:

1-Enter http://www.openstreetmap.org and click edit.
2-Within the edit mode click on the Layers button.
3-Click on custom and paste the copied address from the browser.

In ID editor there’s a limit in the zoom, it stops at 15.

Use in JOSM:

1-Click Layers> Layer Preferences

2-Select the Strava layer and click activate.
3-Double click on the Strava layer in the green frame.

4-Modify the address paste the address generated by the extension in your browser. Ready to use JOSM normally now.

5-Also activate Locator Overlay layer so you can have a general overview of missing streets, misaligned ways, etc.

PS.: You can see the manual mode at this address: https://nuxx.net/blog/2020/05/24/high-resolution-strava-global-heatmap-in-josm/